Archive | July 27, 2012

Five Fun, Non-Club, Non-Show Cultural Activities in Miami and Broward This Weekend

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What’s going on? Summer is supposed to be the slow season, and everyone is supposed to get exponentially more stupid thanks to the heat and humidity. For whatever reason, though, the next few weeks bring a slate of fun, young, evening things to do around Miami-Dade and Broward counties that don’t necessarily involve binge-drinking in […]

Book Review: ‘Tigers in Red Winter’ by Liza Klaussmann, Speaking at Books & Books Tonight

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There is something very romantic about the era spanning from World War II through the 1960s. It’s a time remembered as hopeful. People believed anyone could achieve the American dream. It is also a time when people pretended life was perfect, even though there were a lot of nasty things beneath the surface. It is […]