Archive | August 16, 2012

Clarence Reid on Classic Soul and His Performance Tomorrow at the Stage

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Many know the story of Blowfly, the Miami-based, septuagenarian who appears in a superhero outfit and performs some of the most ridiculously bawdy raps ever. Blowfly was the nasty rapper before rap even really existed as a commercial art form, and in his latter-day renaissance, he’s been embraced by an amusingly broad cross-section of scenes. […]

Local Album of the Week: “Rumoura” by A New Way to Live Forever

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A couple of years ago, singer/guitarist Russ Rogers could’ve referred to A New Way to Live Forever as “my once and future band.” He co-founded the group with guitarist Todd Evans back in 2008, but it went on hiatus almost immediately as Rogers dedicated more time to the now-defunct sleaze-rock act Kill Miss Pretty. Once […]